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Letting go

Sometimes the hardest advice to take is the advice that you are used to giving out to others. We preach to our clients how they need to relinquish control of their messaging, since it’s not really up to them anyway. But when it comes time for us as marketers to do the same thing, it’s […]

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The New RoboChristmas Frontier

Lots of parents have a great stories about staying up late in the night to assemble bicycles, trains sets, and all manner of other toys. Now, that’s just the half of it. Not only are toys getting more complicated, the amount of information surrounding them is exploding exponentially. This year, my husband received RoboSapien V2 […]

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Taking Stock

Now that I’ve completed my whirlwind Christmas trip home… it’s time for New Year’s… but my favorite part of New Year’s is the end of the current year.  Why?  Because EVERYONE releases top ten lists and years in review and superlatives (Borat in Time Magazine’s top ten?  For real?).  It’s great fun to look back […]

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School of Rock WOM

“This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race” is the first single from Fall Out Boy’s upcoming album, Infinity on High. When I first heard the song on Sirius Alt Nation about 3 weeks ago I called my daughter and let her listen in on her cell. My twelve year old daughter knew about the […]

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