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What Comfortable Will Get You

The boys and girls over at Brandweek report that TV ad spending for ‘06 is up 7.4%. Is anyone really surprised? Nope. But there’s an interesting quote in the piece from Wes Brown – an analyst with Iceology, Los Angeles – about the GM and Ford spends (which have been pretty steady): “There’s been lots […]

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How NOT to get a job at Brains on Fire

Step One: Address an envelope to Robert Phillips, President. Step Two: Start the enclosed letter with “Dear Mr. Phillips.’

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The Bastardization of “Brand Ambassador”

In our travels, Geno, Spike, Robbin, and I often find ourselves talking about the power of brand ambassadors and the many different positive effects they can have. In certain industries, there is some stigma around the term “ambassador” that we face head on. In tourism for example, there can sometimes be the tendency to think […]

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Small is the New Big

Well, Seth Godin is at it again. I came to his latest book through my BzzAgent status. Yup. I’m a BzzAgent on the Small is the New Big campaign. So there’s my full disclosure. At any rate, as part of the campaign, we’ve been receiving excerpts of Seth’s rants to read, share, love, etc. So […]

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