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The December/January issue of Fast Company has a very intriguing piece entitled The Wisdom of Gamers by Lucas Conley. It’s intriguing because it touches on the new strategy that other industries are using to tap into the collective problem-solving skills in the gaming community. Here’s my favorite part: Stanford’s Byron Reeves, using video clips of […]

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The Nutcracker

This weekend I was picking up lunch so my boyfriend wouldn’t miss one second of the ill-fated Clemson/Carolina game. I stopped by Thaicoon Ricefire and Sushi Bar – a little Thai restaurant near Furman. While I waited for my order, I chatted with the owner, who was in the midst of decorating for Christmas. (I’m […]

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Is your WOM my WOM?

Ya know, it’s good that we all don’t agree on everything all the time (especially the definitions of all this word of mouth stuff). Then what would we have to debate? (Like how word of mouth is NOT a media channel.) And then there’s this one: Some of you might be familiar with a couple […]

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Cough, cough

I am not the Ricola mystery cougher… but someone is.  And I love this idea.  This month began the second year of Ricola’s mystery cougher promotion.  The concept is simple – somewhere in America, you could win up to a million dollars just for offering someone a Ricola cough drop.  Of course, the trick is […]

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