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Has your Starbucks experience been watered down?

If you’ve been feeling that way recently, jump on over to conversation on the Brand Autopsy blog. John Moore, who spent 8 years as a marketer inside Starbucks, is requesting your thoughts on what Starbucks needs to do to get back on track. This is all in response to a leaked memo from Starbucks CEO […]

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Every Six Months

That’s right. You may recognize this post as one that came up here and here. Well… it’s that time again. Yes, we are extending Fred Reichheld’s Ultimate Question to everyone we touch; everyone who is or could be in a position to recommend us. So, if you – our faithful blog readers – would like […]

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Open Aura Arms

Okay… who watched the Oscars last night? I know several of the BOF crew did. In fact, Megan and I still have to sit down to see who won our Oscar Ballot Showdown! But more to the point… did anyone notice the Saturn Aura commercial? We chatted about it this morning in our Monday Morning […]

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Even if it’s made to be viral, it’s not viral until it goes viral.

It will never cease to amaze me what videos get picked up and go viral and what doesn’t. I’m not a viral expert, but I don’t think that there is any magic bullet for creating a viral video. For example, VeeDub’s post last Friday. It’s been picked up and is doing the worldwide blog tour. […]

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