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Viral Videos: Pros and Cons

So as we are a company that brings the disciplines of identity and word of mouth marketing together, we get approached quite often about creating viral videos ” not something we do, really, as a marketing effort, but it is under the umbrella of WOMM. And I thought that it might be a good exercise […]

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Technical Theatre

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for the fact that every single post I have done lately has been about theatre. Summer is a busy time for me, dramatically speaking (that is – in regards to drama… not in a dramatic tone of voice), so that’s what comes out when I open […]

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RFPs are still evil

It’s no secret that I think RFPs are evil. Well my friends, Kraft has gone and just added fuel to that fire. AdAge reports (annoying registration required) that the Oscar Mayer, Kraft Singles, Ritz, Triscuit and Grey Poupon brands are all up for grabs. And not only is Kraft demanding ‘that the shops give up […]

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The ROI on Word of Mouth Marketing

Talking to companies about word of mouth marketing ” especially organic WOM ” and how it can fit into their identity, is both fun and interesting. They seem to get it most of the time. And get excited about it. But then comes the dreaded Return-On-Investment (ROI) question. And I’m not going to get into […]

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