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I’ve got mine. Do you have yours? And it’s better than I thought it would be. P.S. Sinbad was waiting in line with me (no, I was only in line for 2 hours). No kidding. P.P.S. AT&T store salespeople work on commission. Happy iPhone weekend to them.

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25 Million Online Influencers and Growing

One of the things that we often find ourselves doing in this little corner of the Interweb is sharing fantastic, frightening or somehow remarkable experiences with products and services. We are definitely in good company. Today, eMarketer released a report that includes their estimate that 25 Million US adults regularly share information on products and […]

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CGVG – Consumer Generated Video Games

The BBC reports today that the maker of the Wii video gaming system, Nintendo, has released WiiWare, which will allow amateur game makers the platform they require to create their own games for the Wii console. Very cool. “Independent developers armed with small budgets and big ideas will be able to get their original games […]

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Naming Names

Brandweek has a very interesting article about a survey they conducted concerning the public’s favorite new brand names. What really caught my eye is that the names that were preferred were real. And when I say ‘real,’ I mean that they were words that already existed. They weren’t the Latin root of anything. They weren’t […]

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