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Cheezburger Tuesday

I knew that I Can Has Cheezburger was a shamefully fun time waster. What I didn’t know until a Time magazine article earlier this month was just how many people also enjoy something as simplistic as unusual photos of cats with funny captions – the meme known as “LOLCATs”. Technorati ranks the site as #20 […]

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I broke up with my ashtray

Last week Walt Disney Co. took a fairly bold step, Disney will ban cigarettes in its family films, and discourage it in others” like the adult film divisions: Touchstone and Miramax. Actors and actresses have been puffing away in movies and in television since the 50’s. I can see this being a real hard sell […]

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Simpsons Marketing, Part 2

On July 2, Spike wrote about some of the fictional brands from the Simpsons showing up in specially outfitted 7-11s (now Kwik-E-Mart’s). There has been so much additional Simpsons marketing this week, I had to post an update with some of my favorites. C. Montgomery Burns has taken over the blog of JetBlue’s David Neeleman. […]

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The Cruelty of Carowinds

I was listening to the radio on my drive to work this morning, and I heard a commercial that just seemed mean spirited. The commercial was, of all things, for Carowinds – an amusement park on the North Carolina/South Carolina border. Among other things, the voiceover sang, “Little league, law school, first job, move to […]

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