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Further muddying the word of mouth waters

My trusty Google alerts popped up an interview with an author being interviewed on the radio about this new-fangeled “word of mouth marketing” thing. Sandra Sellani recently published her book, “What’s Your BQ? Learn How 35 Companies Add Customers, Subtract Competitors, and Multiply Profits With Brand Quotient” and said that WOMM had a lot to […]

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It’s 1984

Okay, I have to caution you, I am going to sound incredibly paranoid in this post. According to The NY Times, Pudding Media is a new company that is currently beta-testing their online phone service. It operates much like Skype, only instead of paying by length of call, the calls are free. Free? Yes! Isn’t […]

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The people have spoken.

Brought to you by Mr. Steve. For baseball fans, like myself, this really puts the past 10 years of baseball (and, to true baseball fans, American history) into perspective.  And more importantly, it’s what the people have decided.  It’s what the fans (not the corporations that name ballparks and buy season tickets) get to […]

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I Hate TV

“The key word in television these days is engagement.” – Norby Williamson, EVP of Programming, ESPN Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Wait until you hear what defines “engagement.” You know those extremely annoying animated promotions that appear at the bottom of the screen during a show, usually advertising another show on the network? Well… they’re […]

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