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The Brains on Fire Curiosity Team

I know. It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned the brilliant band of {insert clever and alliterative word here} who make up The Brains on Fire Curiosity Team. But just because I’ve been quiet doesn’t mean they have been. Quite the contrary! For those who don’t remember, The Curiosity Team is a group of people […]

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Like Fame, Word of Mouth Costs

As I was reading Tuesday’s Online Spin review of a review of PQ Media’s Word of Mouth Marketing forecast, I was reminded of Debbie Allen’s words in the opening credits of Fame. But before I give you the link to a video of that 80’s gem (what did we do before YouTube?), I’d like to […]

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iPhone vs. ?

So AdWeek ran an article yesterday entitled, ‘T-Mobile Goes After the iPhone,’ which talks about how T-Mobile’s new phone, called Shadow, is a new offering that’s ‘being likened to a less-expensive version of the iPhone.’ First of all, AdWeek, nowhere on the T-Mobile site or in the article does it say that Shadow is their […]

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Many things to many people

So while I was in the Minneapolis airport yesterday morning (where it was 6 degrees Fahrenheit outside, BTW (man, I love Greenville) ), I was doing my weekly Google search for ‘Brains on Fire’ to see what popped up. One of the results was our client at a WOMMA conference talking about her experiences. I […]

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