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You never get a second chance to make a good first WOM impression

Here’s the thing: When you create a customer outreach program, or some sort of sustainable, long-term word of mouth movement, you better make damn sure that you have all your ‘t’s crossed and ‘i’s dotted. Because if you try to do it on the fly, copy what others have done or pontificate on it for […]

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CAUTION: Potential horn-tootin’ ahead.

Is there a doctor in the house? Yup. Dr. Justine Foo is joining Brains on Fire as lead strategist for our insight team this week. Justine is whip smart and will be a remarkable addition to Brains on Fire. She’s also going to add to the conversation around here. She’ll join our blog in the […]

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For the love of Nintendo

Wired points us to fans of Nintendo, who, after searching high a low for decorations for a Nintendo-themed party…made their own. Talk about integrating a brand into your daily life. This is a form of evangelism in action, folks.

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Influencers, Tipping Points and Trends, Oh My

This month’s Fast Company rekindled the previous debate between Duncan Watts and those in the ‘Influencer’ camp. Watts is a ‘network-theory scientist who recently took a sabbatical from Columbia University and is now working for Yahoo,’ and here is the break-down of the argument: Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point theorizes that there are ‘mavens’ out […]

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