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New metrics for sustainable marketing

Been thinking more lately about the concept of sustainability in marketing. The questions that keep popping into my head are: What do the dynamics of a sustainable marketing movement or program look like? And, more importantly, how would we go about measuring that? No surprises to anyone reading this probably, but marketing ” corporate America, […]

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The Age of Conversation: Redux

And this time it’s with 275 authors. I was fortunate enough to be included in the maiden voyage of AoC last year, which is currently in a Bum Rush to blaze up the Amazon charts this weekend. Last year there were 100+ contributors. This year, there’s 275. Wow. And without further adieu, here are those […]

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Use it, or lose it.

I was going to write about loyalty programs today. How my wallet can’t get any fatter with plastic frequent customer cards. How I’m tired of ‘loyalty’ programs that require me to redeem emailed or, worse, ground mailed coupons for a discount. How what I really want is to not have to work at feeling special […]

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Sustainable Movements in Action: The Hartford Whalers Booster Club

On Tuesday, Geno gave us his thoughts about what sustainable word of mouth looks like. And, as he mentioned, around here it is our goal to help create movements so powerful that if Brains on Fire ” or our client’s budget ” were to get hit by a bus (God forbid) that the movement would […]

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