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My Last Blog Post

Today is my last day at Brains on Fire. I am leaving to pursue my Masters in theatre. And while I’m excited about moving forward in that part of my life, and I am really sad to leave what has been my home. I have worked at Brains on Fire for a little over five […]

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Restart America

I’m curious what would happen if we the people voluntarily unplugged America for a day. Of course essential services like hospitals, security and such would continue, but what if we at home and in business joined together for one day to turn it all off? (Except for the refrigerator) No TV or lights. No cars […]

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More Thoughts on Best Practices

We’ve had a lot of discussion on here lately about movements and best practices for online communities (which are often an important part of a movement) and all that good stuff. So, when Geno sent us this post today, I just had to link to it. It’s a very comprehensive article with a lot of […]

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The Most Unpopular Blog Post Ever

It is not without some trepidation that I post this. But (and here’s my way to unceremoniously announce this) since this is my last week at Brains on Fire*, I may as well go for broke! Over the years, I have developed a rather sizable amount of venom toward Apple. Not good, working where I […]

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