Who won the ticket to SWOMFest?

Watch and see.

Congrats! To work out the deets, dop us a line and we’ll chat. We’re looking forward to hanging out with you in Austin!

Matt should be there in 6-8 weeks.

  • http://orangejack.com Rob Williams

    I’ve never been more entertained in a loss.

  • http://mghwom.com Ryan

    Haha I literally cracked up at the first “DEB IN DENVER”.

    Nice work, guys.

  • Sherida

    Run, Forest, Run!

  • http://icantkeepup.blogspot.com DebInDenver


    I don’t know what’s better winning, or the “presentation” involved in announcing the winner!!!! Thanks so much and I look forward to hanging out with you folks too! (And our buddy Connie Reece.)

  • http://www.sonnygill.com Sonny Gill

    LOL – congrats Deb!

  • http://www.twitter.com/donnatocci Donna Tocci

    I am sitting here laughing out loud w/tears in my eyes watching this. This is fabulous!!!! Bravo!

    Oh, and Congrats to Deb!

  • http://microbusinessmentor.com Jane Chin

    Oh my gosh that is the BEST winner announcement I have seen in my life! GOOD GOING! (And hooray for DebinDenver!)

  • http://www.catchyourlimit.com Jeff

    That was awesome! I hope he stretched before he did that.

  • http://www.cranecom.com Kellye Crane

    This is truly impressive in its hilariousness. Thanks for the laughs, and congrats to DebinDenver!

  • Bob Kerwin

    Imagine the WOM if Matt gets flattened by an eighteen wheeler delivering the invite – especially if caught on video! They’d write songs about you, Deb.

    All started with a hat and a man whose brain was on fire.

  • http://www.brainsonfire.com Amanda

    I watch this over and over.

  • http://orangejack.com Rob Williams

    Hey guess what!?! Even though BOF is sending Deb, Dell is going to send me!


    See y’all there!

  • http://www.alice.com Mark McGuire

    You guys got my attention today. Good stuff. I’m brainstorming WOM for our new company (Alice.com). Please contact me if you think you can help.

  • http://www.themurr.com DaveMurr

    Very cool – and clever. Smart. People should look at this and realize how utilizing video can really make the message spread – I found this through 3 levels of blogs. Congrads!

  • http://www.thingsivenoticed.com UH2L

    I’m going to start making videos on my blog in which I pretend to give things away. It just seems like so much fun. I don’t think the video would have been as funny if Veronica in San Luis Obispo won. That’s hard to scream.


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