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This one’s for the underdogs

Why do we pull for the underdogs? Is it because of that Cinderella story that gets ingrained in us from our childhood? I dunno. But I do know that we love underdogs. I guess it’s about the potential story. Or that underdogs know they have to work twice as hard and be twice as smart […]

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Zits and Imperfections

Maybe I’m getting way too personal, but I recently had a HUGE zit on my forehead. Yeah, 35 and I still get them – yea! And while I don’t think I’m narcissistic, I do like to look good (or at least what I think is “good”). So like anyone who cares about their appearance, I […]

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Build a Community like a Piano Man

To call me an evangelist for Couple SweptAway in Negril, Jamaica is an understatement. My last visit – my third – was the best experience I’ve had yet. The staff, the food, the resort… awesome. But the highlight for me and the folks I traveled with was spending a couple of evenings with Ultimate Chocolate […]

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Competition, positioning and blazing your own trail

I’m gonna open up the Brains on Fire heart and soul here for a moment and talk about something that we struggle with: it’s how we talk about what we do as a company. Here’s the dilemma: If you use your own language, then you have to explain harder what you do. But if you […]

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