Abolishing Time Sheets follow-up: Interview with Ron Baker

He’s Ron Baker. And he’s the inspiration behind Brains on Fire abolishing timesheets back on January 1, 2009.

Ron stopped by the office last week and our CPAs, Kathie Conway and Brandy Amidon, asked him questions that we received from Twitter (thanks to @petelbury, @swirlingmedia, @etb_writes, @ddcronkh, @inkinmama) and threw in some of their own.

Ron’s company is here.

And Ron’s books are here.

Contact him. He’s super-smart and a true kindred spirit.

These are audio only, so crank it up and learn from the master…


  • http://www.tropicalimaging.com Andrew Mann

    I”m listening and typing – this is awesome. I’m a great fan of Ron’s work – pricing, kpi’s
    Kudos to BOF for bringing this to us.
    I am talking with my cpa/marketing team right now (literally this pm!!) on getting rid of our standard prices and packages that 99% of social lifestyle photographers have……

  • http://brainsonfire.com Robbin Phillips

    Dear Ron,

    It’s official. I am a groupie.

    All of us at Brains on Fire love you for inspiring Kathie and Brandy to abolish time sheets and TRANSFORM our lives. Seriously.

    I am so sorry I wasn’t here when you came by. Maybe next time! Our home is your home, always, Thanks for letting us share this conversation with our friends.