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You Don’t Know It All

This is a post to expand on Geno’s post last month. It’s okay. The world isn’t going to crumble if you don’t have the answer. Because you don’t have all the answers. And the beautiful thing is, you can always go find them. If you haven’t noticed by now, it absolutely drives me insane when […]

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The power of thank you.

Seems like daily I am reminded of this lesson. I know I have written about it before on our blog, so bear with me as I choose this topic yet AGAIN. Work for me, and Brains on Fire, is not simply about money. (Although I do want our business to be a profitable and growing […]

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Whose Passion is Greater?

Ya know, “passion” is a word that’s about to go into the overused marketing trash bin for me, but until we find one to replace it… If you’re doing some things right and your company has made it through the past year, then you just might have some fans out there. And fans have passion […]

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The “WE” moment

Have you ever noticed when a company screws you over, it’s always what “they” did to you? They didn’t come on time. They messed up my order. They have no idea what they are doing. It’s “us” and “them.” (As a quick aside, Geno once pointed out to me that a lot of old school […]

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