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BrainCam: Courage Is…

Cleaning out some old folders on my computer, I ran across this gem from the Brains on Fire archives. From the stamp, it looks like it was made in April of 2001. What for? I have no idea. I don’t even know who on the Brains on Fire crew made it. But I like it.

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Do we all know why we are here?

Megan sent me a great article this morning from the New York Times. It was an interview with Teresa Taylor, COO of Quest. Like Teresa, listening is a skill I am constantly trying to improve and master. (Can anyone really become a master at listening?) Hmmmm… I am always intrigued when leaders admit that they […]

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For All It’s Worth…

In the well known Christmas Carol, “O Holy night,”  we sing “’Til He appeared and the soul felt its worth.” Day after day, we devote our talents and energy to helping bring a little of that spirit to our world as we help companies reveal their soul and feel its worth. Its worth measured in […]

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Brains on Fire Mad Men Christmas Party

The Brains on Fire Mad Men Christmas Party was incredible – everyone dressed the period to the best of their ability. Drinks were poured, snowflakes were projected on the ceiling, we had a white christmas tree and Cordell gave a tear-jerking speech about the Brains on Fire family. We couldn’t have asked for a better […]

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