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A little reminder about the little things

I had another great reminder this week that the principals here at Brains on Fire live what they preach. We’ve been fielding internship requests and interviews for the past few weeks – when spring-term edges towards the finish line we can count on a good number of summer-job emails. One applicant in particular, after being […]

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Here’s a brand I love talking about: Jon Wye

A couple of years ago, someone gave me a Jon Wye custom belt and I love it. Love it. So much so that I want to wear it all the time. A couple of weeks ago I decided to order another: This one: Like it? I love it. Have it on today as a matter […]

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Okay, ‘Fess up.

How do you quiet your mind? Photo via flickr via disco stu I am fascinated with uber twitters. You know who I am taking about. They’re in every category. Not just marketing. Although I think we might have a larger than usual share. I know this because I follow some yoga lovers and they have […]

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This one’s from the heart

I’ve been thinking. A lot. Maybe because I have been going to hot yoga religiously and getting in touch with my innermost thoughts. Or maybe it’s because I am writing and sharing so much on the blog lately. Who know’s? But I do know this… Writing makes you think. I’ve been wondering about what we […]

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