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From my brother.

My brother was in the military and now is head of engineering for Savannah Port Authority. Typically not a sappy type like me. But I am crazy about the guy, in a big brother sort of way. Anyway — he sent me and a few others this quick email. And I thought I would share. […]

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Show me the money?

Photo via Flickr via CatastropheWaitress We have a new intern at Brains on Fire. She’s cool. Her name’s Elizabeth and sadly she had to leave for a few days while her appendix was cut out. Yikes. She is home in Atlanta recovering with her family. We miss you if you’re reading this Elizabeth. So the […]

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Today’s challenge.

So I can’t really explain why, but Google’s Jim Lecinski talk at The School of WOM about how Google builds it’s brand with WOM has been on rolling around in my mind since yesterday. You can see it here. He made the point that everyone loves a challenge. And it’s true when you think about […]

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From O’Hare with love

We’re here in the airport after cramming a few last School of WOM sessions in before we head back home to Southern heat and humidity. You can guess that we’re talking shop about the conference (and realizing that we need to post a blog). With those powers combined, we present you with a few highlights […]

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