Finding your company’s soul mates.

That’s me in Auckland last summer, dreaming that boat behind me was mine.

Warning: This might seem a bit self serving but I love, love this world of ours and had to share this exchange. Stuff like this happens at Brains on Fire all the time. Amazes me. Every. Single. Time.

A friend of mine and I were having dinner the other night (he’s a hopeless romantic). And he was telling me tales of his search for his soul mate. (See, I told you he’s hopelessly romantic.) I laughed and smiled so much my face hurt. Anyway, he was making the point that technology has made it possible to find that one perfect mate in the world. Even if that perfect person with those perfect “must have” traits exists in only .001 of the population and maybe even lives in India. His point:

You can be picky and connect with anyone in the world these days because of technology.


So the other day I got this really cool email from a soul mate of Brains on Fire in New Zealand:

Hi Robbin
Just firing through a note of thanks…. I love the daily dose of inspiration I get from Brains on Fire.

I almost emailed you after your Searching For Soul and Inspiration posts, but after Lifting Others Up I thought ‘hey, I’ve got to get in touch and say hi from the other side of the world’ (I live in New Zealand).

I tap into Brains on Fire for daily inspiration with my day job (creative director / branding manager) but it’s my passion outside of this that I’m emailing about…. I’m trying to Lift Others Up as well, but those who a re a little closer to the ground (kids). I’ve written a book that springboards off the Virtues Project to try to engage and put relevence into concepts like creativity, integrity, courage, love, joyfulness etc. You do this on an adult level, and do it so well, so I just wanted to drop you a note to say I love what you’re doing.

Warm regards,
Jonathan Collins

And my response went like this:

Dear Jonathan,
You will never, ever know or understand what this note meant to me. Sometimes the universe sends you just what you need. And this day I need your words of encouragement. I promise to pay it forward. I love, love your beautiful country. I will come back soon. And we’ll meet. If you are ever on the eastern coast of the states, look us up.


Then this last night:

Dear Robbin
Don’t you just love this connected world of ours. From the far edge of our planet I can reach around to you with a virtual back-rub and a thank-you, then you reach back around to complete the hug. Small world. Magic stuff. I was so pleased to get your reply.

I’m in Christchurch in the South Island, so if you’re ever this way I would love to show you around. I don’t get to the States much and when I do its usually LA where our business partner Phil Keoghan (from The Amazing Race) is based. We’ve launched a range of nutrition bars with him over there. Having said that I was around your way a few years back… just up the road at Hendersonville NC where I was handing over the World’s Biggest Cookie title to Immaculate Baking Co. So I know your patch of the planet is particularly beautiful.

Great to be in touch. It’s made my day. (Oh, and I just LOVE your latest post with Jessica’s daily affirmation… what an awesome way to start the day!)

All the best,

From me:

You are not going to believe this! Logan Metcalfe, our CFO was formally with Immaculate Baking Co. Ive copied him on this email. And he’s from New Zealand. Also my friend Roger Dennis is from your town. Do you know him??? Jonathan, can I use this excange as part of a blog post? Would you mind?


And from our newest soul mate:

I’m pretty sure I met briefly Logan when I was there in 2003! It’s this crazy!

I haven’t met Roger (although I’m sure I will after this… I can see his skills being applied to our innovation process).

Yes, absolutely – I’d be more than happy for this exchange to be part of a blog.

I’m still reeling as to how small and connected everything is. Very cool.

Best wishes,

It’s Friday. Reach out to a soul mate today. Because you can. We have the technology. Trite point maybe, but something we should never take for granted. Because connecting feels really wonderful… Have a the best weekend EVER.

  • Tracy

    With social networking and technology today I am finding that everywhere I go I have some sort of connection to one person or another. The ability to “know” someone and never have met or even spoken on the phone with that person is so easy with technology today. However, instead of making the world a smaller place as a lot of people often put it I in fact find that it makes the world a much larger place. The more that you know and are exposed to only makes one realize how much they have yet to learn.