And the winners are – all of you.

That’s Elizabeth. She’s not reading the real book. We don’t have those yet.

So. You are all getting a book. It’s a galley, so it’s not a hard back. But that makes it even more special in my opinion. Yup. Every. Single. One of you.

That’s right.

Everyone who took time out of their day to respond with ideas to this blog post about our upcoming book release is getting at least one book.

Some of you will get two, five, or ten.

Just because. It was just too freaking hard to make a decision.

We all had to vote.

And so here are the 20 books winners.

1. Christy
2. Bill Handy
3. Kyle
4. Jackie Adkins
5. Colby Gergen

Be on the outlook for an email from our rock star of an intern, Elizabeth. She’ll be contacting everyone and asking you for the address where you want your book(s) delivered. And as soon as we get them in our hands, we’ll sign them, kiss them, tell they goodbye and wish them a happy, happy, long and lovely life in your wonderful hands. Do let us know that they arrive safe and sound, will ya?

We’re pretty jazzed around here that this labor of love is going to be on BOOK SHELVES in book stores and online August 30th. And we are really hoping that others will get excited enough to BUY their very own. They can even be pre-ordered here.


Someone recently asked me my dream for this book. So here it is. It’s a big one, but hey it’s my dream.

My dream is that every single person who buys the book Brains on Fire will connect back with us somehow. Share a photo or ideas, or a doodle you’d include on the cover. Hey — even reach out to simply debate with us. Like David Meeram Scott has already done (smiling) when we sent him one to review. (Hey David, you’ll be happy to know we are using your book at a training session next week.)

So yeah, we really want this book to be a conversation tool. And the start of many, many new relationships in the world.

Here’s a peek at what someone we all think very highly of (and she happens to be a crazy cool writer) has to say about it:

“Enter Brains on Fire. It isn’t just a book or a company, itis a collection of real people, with souls and hearts and stories—oh, the stories!—able to offer real advice to anyone who wants to make a movement out of what they do all day. Put down your Powerpoints and ad campaigns, folks. This takes guts and faith and patience, but mostly it takes passion.

Not yours. Your customers. Brains on Fire can help you find it, trust it, and gently blow on the ember until it ignites. It’s not brand management, it’s brand as transformation. You in? There’s a truth that lies deep within the promise of this modern, digital world—that authentic leadership can be released from your customers, and their passion can be fanned into movements that change lives forever. Brains on Fire can help make it true for you. Buy the book.”’

— Ellen McGirt
Senior Writer, Fast Company magazine

Watch for your email from Elizabeth now.

  • Christy

    I just got my email from Elizabeth! I’m so excited!! I can’t wait to share the passion and energy you all have at Brains on Fire. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  • Kyle

    Sawheeeeet! This is going to be awesome. Thanks, BoF, for making my Friday! :D

  • Bill Handy

    Thank you so very much! I look forward to reading it and passing it along!

  • tracy

    So looking forward to receiving my copy! Enjoy the sweetness of your success and thanks for sharing.