Twitter Survey: What’s Wrong With Marketing? What’s Right?

We ask a lot of questions here. And sometimes we throw them out on to the internet. And sometimes we use Twitter as the catapult.

This time, we asked people what was wrong with marketing. Then we asked them what was right with marketing.

What's wrong with marketing?

What’s wrong with marketing?

  • atlibertytosay: What's Wrong With Marketing?
  • derrickriley: What's Wrong With Marketing?
  • jmathewes:What's Wrong With Marketing?
  • bobbyrettew: What's Wrong With Marketing?
  • mrdallasjmoore: What's Wrong With Marketing?
  • jdevylder:What's Wrong With Marketing?
  • nomeatballs: What's Wrong With Marketing?
  • justinmwhitaker: What's Wrong With Marketing?
  • Johnmhoyt: What's Wrong With Marketing?
  • cloudleverage: What's Wrong With Marketing?
  • kimwylie0523: What's Wrong With Marketing?
  • thomasmoffett: What's Wrong With Marketing?
  • SpikeJones:What's Wrong With Marketing?
  • learngrow: What's Wrong With Marketing?
  • swagclub: What's Wrong With Marketing?
  • terpacks: What's Wrong With Marketing?

What's right with marketing?

What’s right with marketing?
  • teeelem: What's right with marketing?
  • petelbury:  What's right with marketing?
  • thesalesinsider: What's right with marketing?
  • chrisrackley:  What's right with marketing?
  • ericjacques: What's right with marketing?
People who answered both:
  • ragingtoro: What's wrong with marketing?
  • ragingtoro: What's right with marketing?
  • vincentammirato: What's wrong with marketing?
  • vincentammirato: What's right with marketing?
  • downtowngvl: What's wrong with marketing?
  • downtowngvl: What's right with marketing?
  • graygunter: What's wrong with marketing?
  • graygunter: What's right with marketing?
  • Ian Greenleigh

    Excellent curation. Looks like your following is active, thinking and willing to share insights. We did something similar on our blog today, choosing certain tweets that reference a friend and advisor of ours. I’d highly recommend the app we used to do this, Keepstream. Check out what we did here:

    Keep the good stuff coming.

  • hubertus von lobenstein

    Thanx for this. Not representative in terms of research. But very true!! Have RTed it.

  • Eric Dodds


    Thank you for the kind words – little exercises like these are always fun. And we are more than privileged to have such a rockstar following.

    Very cool stuff on your post, and Keepstream looks great. Much cleaner than my [Shift+Command+4] method :)

    We’ll do our best on keeping good stuff on tap, and you do the same.


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