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On Fundamental Value

I have the privilege of answering the Brains on Fire phone from time to time, and I’ve learned a great deal simply by talking to other people about their businesses and explaining ours. Every once-in-a-while, I’ll receive a call from someone who wants to retain our services for a product that is, shall we say, […]

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Chat Pack Friday: Laughter is good.

So earlier this week, Libby came by to help with a photo shoot for some of the Rage teens. While she was in the office she took some pictures and I thought I’d share. Cordell laughing on the phone. Geno’s dealing with a more serious subject. We talk on our phones a lot. Megan and […]

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Paint what you feel, not what you see.

Monday night, our friend Libby was in town. So Cordell and I had dinner and some wine with her. It was great to catch up with Cordell. We’ve been like two ships passing in the night lately. And Libby, well she’s just pure sunshine. Greg started talking about his kids (he has twin 11 year […]

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Lesson Eleven: Jeff Finley and Weapons of Mass Creation

Several months ago we received an email from a gentleman named Jeff Finley. Jeff is a multi-talented guy, a partner at the Cleveland design firm Go Media and the founder of a rockin’ music and art festival. He had decided to reach out to us after reading the Brains on Fire Book, which he generously […]

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