Do we really need names?

This photo via Flickr via Leo Reynolds.

We help name things.

Names can tell a great story. Like love146.

Names can unite a community. Like the Fiskateers.

Names can evoke emotion like the name the kids in South Carolina found for their youth powered tobacco free movement. Rage Against the Haze.

Names can ignite fasciniation, like Wonderopolis.

I could go on. But it’s Friday. So let’s chat.

Today’s chat pack question is fun.

Suppose instead of having a name, you had a letter. and people would always refer to you as that letter. What letter would you want to replace your name?

Mine is easy.


I have spent my whole life explaining the extra B in my name (After staring at me for 11 days, my folks finally named me RoBBIn with two B’s. I am kinda fond of that extra B. It was worth the wait.)

So how about you? Come on. Share.

  • Todd

    I would say “T”. As a marketing technologist, I am where marketing and IT cross, which aligns perfectly with a T. Fortunately it is also the first letter in my name!

    Now, if I was a pirate I would of course choose R.

  • Mike Gibbons

    W = life | up and down up and down but always finishing on the up peak

  • W

    Mine is easy! You’ve already referred to it in previous blog comments.

    Quite simply, W.

    Being from the South, it’s pronounced ‘dubya’ instead of ‘double-yew’.

  • Jackie Adkins

    “U” simply because it would make for fun “Who’s on First?” types of sentences such as:

    “I’m going to go out to dinner with U.”
    “I’m just waiting for U to give me a call.”
    “I love you, U”

    We could go on and on :)

    Happy Friday!

  • rob


    It’s the first letter of my first name.
    In ASL, the shape is “fingers crossed” (hope)
    Also in ASL, the sign for “ready” is the R shaking back and forth.

    I try to be ready and hopeful.

  • Liz

    E- simply E- when I get excited it’s Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! When I show up it’s E! Eeeeeeeeeeee!