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We need to use our BRAND AMBASSADORS
 so they can get some VIRAL BUZZ and our 
the PRODUCT SEEDING and create some
 SOCIAL MEDIA about it. Then we’ll TWEET
 about it and update our FACEBOOK status as we check in on FOURSQUARE.

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If You Say You’re Going To Listen, Then Listen

“Listening” to your customers has become quite the trend in marketing practice, especially when social media channels are utilized. It’s incredible when you think about it – there are people talking about your brand, and you can see those statements and conversations happening – in real time. Now, the influence of offline conversations is still […]

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The Power of Storytelling

A few weeks ago the name TMB (Thailand Military Bank) started popping up and onto my radar. I was perplexed. Thailand isn’t exactly in our neighborhood, after all. I found myself wondering what had inspired people on my side of the pond to talk about and care about a bank 9,000 miles away. So off […]

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Happy at Work Project.

Photo via LIbby Williams. Kindness is underrated… The other day I got the most interesting text from a new friend. It simply said: Are you always so optimistic or is it an act? Hmmmm. I have to admit, that question stopped me dead in my tracks and got me thinking: Is happiness a choice? Is […]

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