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Who’s Problem?

Recently I decided to take a little drink out of the fire hose of Tweets that show up on @BrainsOnFire’s timeline (1). Aside from still not understanding how anyone who has an actual job finds utility in following thousands of people (not counting those who’s job is using Twitter), I noticed several interesting posts about […]

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Road Trips, Common Brands and Crazy Cool New Friends.

This very cool house was on the Common 001 Blog. It’s a $20,000 house designed by Rural Studios. You can find out more about Rural Studios here. So. Okay. Tomorrow I am packin’ up my car and heading down to Greensboro, Alabama to participate as an adviser in COMMON 001 thanks to an invitation from, […]

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Marketers don’t determine what people talk about.

Remember these kits? I loved the way the paint smelled. My grandmother couldn’t read or write. But I learned a lot from her. She taught me early on to see beauty in the tiniest little things. Like buttons she carefully collected in little glass jars. Because she couldn’t read, I also I learned to treasure […]

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Feet on Fire! Who’s Who in the Brains Crew?

When we get tired of taking about marketing, we have a tendency to do weird things. It’s a kind of mental break to keep us sane. (Or maybe insane, depending on how you look at it.) Sometimes we even like to share those things with you. After all, we’re a marketing freak show. So here […]

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