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Merry Christmas from Brains on Fire

Suits for the men, dresses for the ladies. Put on your best Sinatra, baby…the Brains on Fire Christmas theme was 40s this year. Happy Holidays from all of the Pirates in the Firesphere. Hotness. Here’s lookin’ at you, kid. All in a days work. Dangerous designers. Lovely ladies of Brains on Fire. The Boss. Stirred, […]

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5 Things I’ve Learned Working at Brains on Fire

I have always liked Vicky’s brother-in-law’s synopsis of Brains on Fire when she first came to work here. He compared it to “a place people work in the movies.” When people find out you work at a place called “Brains on Fire,” their first question is always “What the heck is Brains on Fire?” Their […]

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What is your ultimate business travel story?

I saw this post on Mashable. And it triggered a story from my very early years. BTW: I think it must have been about 20 years ago when this story happened. If you don’t know Merlin Olsen, the NFL Hall of Famer and FTD spokesperson, it might not make sense. If you do. Read on. […]

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New Spins

Every so often someone realizes that the market for a certain product or service has achieved a really high level of similarity, and that the customers in that market have become accustomed to that similarity. And every so often, someone figures out how to break the mold of that similarity in a really striking way. […]

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