Touchpoints Matter

It's a's a's a window washer.

Evelina Children’s Hospital was the first new children’s hospital to be built in London in more than a century. The hospital was designed with a goal of “making a hospital that didn’t feel like a hospital.” Accomplishing this required hospital designers and staff to create a patient experience that included touchpoints fostering a sense of inspiration and wonder – in addition to healing – for children throughout their stay.

Perhaps the most remarkable touch point of all comes from an unexpected source: the hospital window washers. As part of their contract, Evelina requires that hospital window washers dress up as superheroes while cleaning the hospital windows. Bedridden, sick children delight in seeing Superman, Spiderman and Batman dagling just beyondf the glass. The window washers report the superhero visits to Evelina are the highlight of their week.

Touchpoints matter. To your customers. To your staff. To your brand.

  • marti garaughty

    What a brilliant/fun idea. So simple but as a “still a kid at heart”, I can imagine how cool it would be to see Spiderman cleaning the windows. Great find Amy!

  • John Moore

    totally love this … Superhero Window Washers … brilliant idea … classic case of a touchpoint being a talking point.

  • Martin Hauck

    That’s awesome, absolutely awesome. The nerd in the corner of my brain did however make a snarky comment about the fact that there are two Spidermans beside each other, killing off some of the chance that it could be real. I told that snarky nerd to shut up though. They’re definitely doing it right.

    • Erika Beaut

      Maybe they are far enough apart that they are washing windows for 2 separate rooms.  

    • Buahaha

      one word
      Bizzaro alternate spiderman crossover comic chapter..bleh you get the idea

  • Disruptive Dave

    YES. This is what WOM is ALL ABOUT, people – infusing the AWESOME and the UNEXPECTED into every single touch point. Simple = effective = powerful.

  • Rod Brooks

    Unexpected, relevant, and definitely talkable. Great job by someone who does more than wash the windows. When all employees really get it great stuff like this can come to life. 

  • Sarah Penner

    Thank-you for sharing this. It truly is a beautiful sight and a wonderful idea!

  • Cleaner Jobs

    Window washing really is not an easy task or job….that is so wonderful!

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