Do you make your customers feel at home?

I’ve always loved the front door of Brains on Fire’s worldwide headquarters. Do you see the face?

The other day Cordell and I had a little email exchange. I’m not sure how it even began, but somewhere along the way he shared this thought:

I sometimes wonder if our modern age has created an entire generation of people simply trying to find their way home. What is home? Where do I feel rooted? Where do I feel known and respected?

Where do I feel like me?

Perhaps that’s the real opportunity before us in this wonderful, fast moving connected world. We can now connect in a way with our employees and customers that they feel like they are home. A place where they are surrounded by kindred spirits who share their same passions and dreams and hopes.


Where do you feel like you? Can a brand or organization connect so deep emotionally with you that you feel more you when you sharing, wearing or supporting them?

  • Heather

    Very thought provoking. 

    I think it’s definitely possible to help others feel at home and encourage them to feel connected to a brand on an emotional level. And if successful, I would count this as one of the highest achievements branding wise. But either way it’s such a positive aim for a business to have. 

  • Ann Marquette

    Greenville is where I feel at HOME, feel the real and better me shining through, where I have embraced the place and the people, and feel embraced in return by the place and people.

  • miguelggarcia

    I think that a brand can connect deeply with a person.
    One of such places for me would be Menchie’s; this frozen-yogurt place feels just right. Their colors, logos and all make it feel like it’s talking to a 10 year old. But you know? I like it. I feel like this brand talks to my inner child and just “allows me to be”. How?

    Starting with the sincere-feeling greeting  of the employees everytime I walk in (and good-bye when walking out), the “try-as-many-flavors-as-you-want-before-deciding” and the freedom to make flavor combinations as crazy as you imagine. Funny enough, when I go I don’t see a lot of kids there, it’s mostly people around my age -twenty-thirty somethings- and older just smiling and having a good time. I love going to that little place.

    Interestingly enough, I don’t follow Menchie’s on Twitter/Facebook or any social network; I don’t need to read their tweets to “experience the brand” when I can simply walk in an play with the yogurt machines.

    Can other brands do it? Of course, but it would entail that employees are given the freedom to be themselves, not act like instruction manual-fed robots with no emotions; and also when the company walks out of their “glass walls” and starts to realy talk with their clients to understand them (us) and see what we really want.

  • Michael Gibbons

    Robbin I think you’d love this – hope you haven’t seen it yet REM poignant & gorgeous
    We All Go Back To Where We Belong

    • Robbin


      That is just awesome. Thank you for sharing it with me.