Halloween on Fire

Happy Halloween dear readers! Every year we dress up in our finest costume regalia and celebrate all hallow’s eve with smiles on our faces – at least for a few minutes before we get back to working on awesome and inspiring client work.

This year we decided to do something a little bit different – we want to bring all of you into the picture by picking the best costume. We created a bunch of pretty ghastly confections for you to look at as well. Let us know your favorite costume and your favorite treat in the comments below. Feel free to share your most memorable halloween moment as well!

Pick one of the costumes below. (click to enlarge)

Brains on Fire Halloween 2012 Group Shot

Ramsey and Robbin showed up a little late. (click to enlarge)

Brains on Fire Halloween 2012 - Ramsey and Robbin

And pick one of the following treats.

Brains on Fire Halloween 2012 - Ghastly Confections

Extra pics just ’cause…

Brains on Fire Halloween 2012 - Megan and Patrick

Brains on Fire Halloween 2012 - Justin with Cookie

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