20 Years and Still Challenged


Today is my Brains on Fire Anniversary. Number twenty. That’s right, I’ve been at Brains on Fire for 20 years. During that time, we’ve had five names for the company. I’ve moved offices four times and have had an estimated 2,500 less than scrumptious Lean Cuisine lunches at my desk.

It feels like yesterday when I started and yet, I’ve been here most of my adult work life. When I moved to Greenville in 1993, I was determined to work here. The company was known as being smart, creative, spirited and fun. I wanted some of that and I wanted to work in an environment that challenged me.

The beautiful thing is, the smart, creative, spirited and fun vibe still thrives at Brains on Fire. And that girl who started here then is still challenged today.

By challenged, I mean that just when I’m starting to feel comfortable, maybe even a little complacent, a bit unchallenged, something changes. It might be a new client, or a new project or team member or a new way of pushing ourselves beyond the expected. Whatever that something is, it causes me sit up straight and to listen to my inner voice say, “Strap yourself in. Take a deep breath. Hang on and enjoy the ride. This is gonna be fun. And you’re going to learn something.”

I could never of imagined staying here for 20 years, but I have because there’s always something new, which brings a new challenge and keeps me on my toes and growing.

Thank you Brains on Fire for the privilege and opportunity of being part of this team and for challenging me to continue growing. Today, I can’t imagine being anywhere else.

Cathy Harrison Cathy Harrison is the Account Shepherd at Brains on Fire. Meet her here.
  • Scott Anderson

    Congratulations! I can see why you have stayed and thrived at Brains on Fire. It seems like a wonderful place to work and grow. Not to mention being in Greenville. Beautiful place! Wishing you greater success and happiness in the years to come!

    • cathy

      Thanks so much Scott for your good wishes. It is a wonderful place and I consider it an honor to be here.

  • http://twitter.com/BrandAutopsy John Moore

    Cathy… you are one of the reasons the smart, creative, spirited, and fun vibe still thrives at BOF. I’m trying to imagine BOF with you, I can’t. Thanks for loving our clients and for loving our client’s clients.

    • cathy

      Thanks so much, John. I’m so glad you’ve part of our team.

  • MexiGoot

    Congratulations, amiga! What a ride, eh? I’m gladIgot to share a number of those years with you, ‘though I’m not sure I made it to the 20 year mark myself.

    • cathy

      Hi there friend. Yes, it’s been a ride. Love to you and Karen.

  • Liza Jones

    Congratulations, Cathy!! What a wonderful achievement.