Stepping Up and Growing


In the annals of Brains on Fire culture, it is written:

We like seeing people grow. Ourselves. Our Clients. And for us, growth and leadership go hand in hand. Around here we believe that we are all leaders. Not just the partners. Not just the ones who have been here the longest or have the most experience. We are all leaders, both individually and as a whole. But to lead we all must grow. It’s not an option. If we are to lead this movement and move our clients forward, then we must grow. So let’s all find a way to grow. And lead.

We’ve been busy lately. (Aren’t we all?)

In all this busyness, our team at Brains on Fire has stepped up. No one is coasting. No one is simply going through the motions. Everyone is taking initiative. Together, we are moving our clients forward. Collectively, and individually, we are growing.

The taking of initiative is driving us through the everyday chaos of growth.

Initiative is a decision, not a skill. You have to decide to take initiative. We’re lucky because Brains on Fire is loaded with decision-makers who have decided to take initiative.

Emily. Scully. Nathan. Sean. Shannon. Alison. Allie. Mary Susan. Kate T. Rachel. Megan. Jack. Cathy. Brandy. Geno. Ramsey. Robbin. Cordell.

Thank you for stepping up and growing.

  • Brandy

    Ditto, John!

  • cathy


  • Anna Pham

    Thanks, this really motivates me…