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Are you working like an entrepreneur?

This illustration for the cover of this month’s TOWN magazine is from my shiny talented niece Alice Ratterree.

Okay. I have question for you this morning.

How long has it been since you were so excited about an idea you couldn’t sleep?


I’ve started having some quiet conversations with the Brains on Fire tribe about what excites us. I really haven’t had an agenda, I’m just curious. So I’ve been asking and observing and listening.

Here’s what I’ve discovered:

We love and value great design. All of us.

We love smart ideas and often send brilliant ones we stumble upon to each other by email.

We love people and truly believe the world is full of amazing human beings.

We get down right emotional about the things humans will do for each other.

We love dogs and kids and cooking and books and fashion and flower arranging and music.

Collectively we celebrate and believe in excellence. We defend the right to pursue it at all costs.

We believe marketing has the power to change lives in a positive and meaningful way.

We don’t celebrate working late or overtime, but I’ll often come in first thing in the morning to be surprise and delighted when someone “just felt they could make something even better.” And so they stayed late to make that happen.

Here’s something else I’ve discovered:

If you find yourself a part our tribe, you are an entrepreneur.


As I’ve been asking and listening and learning it dawned on me with a fierce certainty; I’m speaking with, observing and working alongside of an amy of entrepreneurs who drive my passion even further every single day.

Yesterday I got an email from a young friend of mine. She’s thinking of starting her own business. The email she wrote, asking for a little networking help and some simple advice, almost CRACKLED with passion and excitement. I caught it. And Jumped right into trying to help her. That’s what people who are driven by strong desire and passion do, they spark their desire and passion in others. They trail little bits and pieces of desire and passion in their wake.

All day long.

So, how about you?

Are you only living for the weekend? Or are you excited about the possibilities each day brings? Do wake up with excitement? Do you work hard to make things “even better”?

Are you working with the desire and passion of an entrepreneur?

If not, what can you do to change that?

Come on. Let’s talk this morning…

  • Jamie Wallace


    The list of things you and your team love is wonderful. It so resonates with my own list – a list that I’ve always known in my heart, but am only just now beginning to articulate clearly to myself. It’s important to recognize and celebrate these things. At the end of the day – at the end of our lives – they hold they key to whether we are happy or not, whether we are fulfilled or not, whether we have regrets … or (hopefully!) not.

    I used to work for the weekend. I worked in upscale retail, promotional products, and the odd and incestuous world of traditional advertising. I didn’t care about the work. I felt a connection to only a few of the people. I spent all my time wishing I was somewhere else.

    After three years off being a mom, I went back to work, but this time as a freelancer. For the last six years, I’ve been a freelance writer and marketing consultant. Though I have moments where I want to run away and write novels (I WILL … someday) or become a sculptor, or maybe an farmer, I DO feel passionate about what I do. I am a geek about it. It keeps me interested and feeds my natural curiosities about people, what they do, and WHY they do what they do … on both sides of the equation – creator and consumer.

    My current passion has been on a slow burn for three years. I’m getting ready to relaunch my own marketing brand later this year. I’m taking things in a new direction. It’s the culmination of countless hours and a half dozen sketch books full of ideas. For the first time in my “independent” career, I actually DO feel like an “Entrepreneur”. I feel like I’m putting my own spin on things and creating something unique and valuable … not just providing a commodity service as a “gun for hire.” There’s a difference – subtle to someone who hasn’t been there, but enormously powerful to someone who has.

    I AM excited. I can’t stop thinking about this new thing. And I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to pursue it.

    PS – I LOVE your niece’s work! I want to repin her entire portfolio. Thanks for sharing her beautiful art. :)

    • Robbin Phillips

      Jamie, Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I love hearing about your life. Can’t wait to see the launch of your brand.


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