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What Makes a Manifesto

This cool piece of work is from one of our newest design interns, Joy.

A while back, a friend helped me stumble upon this cool little manifesto from design company (and man behind it all) Jonathan Adler.

Please read it. It’s cool.

The manifesto is honest, brave, fun, and so very Jonathan Adler. How do I know this? The proof is in the pudding. The company starts from the ground up, building on their own foundation and no one else’s. What is important to them guides their decisions, their process, and their final product. Everything circles back to their manifesto.

Do you have a manifesto for yourself? What guides you, inspires you, helps you make tough calls?

I’m working on my own manifesto, and let me tell you, it’s going to be honest, brave, and so very Katie Scully. State your motives, your guiding light, your point of view. Make it your own.

  • ToriDeaux

    Thanks so much for sharing Jonathan Adler’s manifesto – I’ve been working on one for a while, and I think this just got me past my blocks about it!

    • KatieScully

      Tori, so glad you are over the hump! It’s funny that certain things can deter us, but the little things are often the ones that push us forward. Can’t wait to hear more about yours! Holla!

  • Neil Hopkins

    I developed one a while back – – and it’s been a great talking point! I deeply believe in manifestos as opportunities to engage and explain, and also raise discussion.

    Thanks for sharing, Katie!

    • KatieScully

      Neil, love that you have your own manifesto– it will never fully be “complete” — things change and we’ve got to go with the flow. Love that you’re an idea hoarder, too… those ideas will come in handy down the road (I just know it)!