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When Can’t Means Won’t

A kayak parade? SURE! Who needs water?!

Just last week we had a lovely little pow-wow as a team. It was so refreshing. We reminded one another, and all the new-ish faces (mine included), about why we’re at Brains on Fire. As Robbin mentioned, we got back to our roots.

The WHY behind why we do WHAT we do.

It was a “stop. collaborate and listen” kind of afternoon for all of us. One of the stickiest phrases from that afternoon has been on my mind since then.

Can’t means won’t. (Thanks, Cordell).

I dare you to go a week with the mindset that can’t does in fact mean won’t. I’m busy. I’m annoyed. I just don’t want to do it.

All these can’ts cloud our minds, imaginations and desire to be awesome. Even more awesome than we can fathom. They trick the brain into thinking we’re less than we are. We are not capable of reaching just a bit further.

Try it.

Can you reshape your mind and way of thinking to get over the “won’t” hump? Can you find a way? Can you be crafty? Can you give just a little bit more? In the long run, I think you can… and will.

  • Steve Wilson

    Love this post. I have held the essence of this perspective as part of my personal leadership philosophy for years. However, after reading your post, I am going to make a slight modification to it. – “I will work persistently to develop a culture that consistently asks, “How can we …” instead of “we won’t (can’t) because…”.

    • KatieScully

      Hey Steve, thank you so much for sharing. It’s totally reframed my thinking- so glad this has been part of your thinking for years. Love the focus on getting around the issue to find the solution, not focusing on the problem. There’s always another way…