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Confidence and Possibility.

That’s the wise and wonderful Patrick at Cordell’s house hanging by the pool. We can learn a lot hanging out with two year olds.

Last Thursday I went to a small gathering of family and friends to wish Megan’s brother well. He’s heading out on a super courageous, real life adventure.

Megan’s son Patrick was there.

He’s two.

We were at a place called the Handlebar not far from our offices. As I said my goodbyes and set out to leave, I saw Patrick trying to climb on a high top table. I stopped and asked, “What are you doing, Patrick?” He looked up at me and and said with great confidence:


There wasn’t a fiber in his tiny body that didn’t believe he couldn’t retrieve his lost helium balloon. Somehow. Someway. Even though it was now touching the roof of the building almost thirty feet above our heads.

“Good luck.” I said, “That should be a lot of fun.”

We limit ourselves so much by what we think is possible — or impossible, don’t we?

When do we learn to say words in our heads like:

I can’t do that.

That’s just not possible.

I am too young or too old or too scared.

We just don’t have the money/resources/time to make that happen.

When and how do we stop believing in the power of simply believing in ourselves?

I’m going to carry Patrick’s young wisdom with me. Always.

As individuals and as companies, what do you think would change if we all just started believing BIGGER?

What would you do different if you always believed that anything was possible?

  • Jamie Wallace

    I love the sentiment you share here. Too often, as “grown ups,” we believe we have to think “responsibly” and “realistically.” We tell ourselves all the reasons why something won’t work before we have even tried. We fall easily into old habits without questioning their value and we plod blindly down the path of least resistance because it’s what happened to be there at our feet.

    Creating belief in our hearts and finding the confidence to leap based on that belief … these are not easy things to accomplish, BUT they are the only things that will lead to any kind of fulfillment. They are the only things that can open our eyes to the possibilities that await us if only we could put doubt aside for a moment.

    I’m an eternal student and always on the verge of reinventing myself and my business, but often find myself stalled as I battle the daily demons of responsibility. Each time I take a moment to contemplate the beautiful unknown and enticing adventures that await an imaginative heart, I inch a little closer to making a change.

    Thanks for this post. It’s a great reminder to always believe in yourself and your crazy ideas. Usually, the crazy ones win. ;)