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The Passion Conversation: And the winners are!

Last week we decided to give YOU, our blog readers the first opportunity to read The Passion Conversation. We have 10 “almost final, not quite proofed” copies to give away. Thanks to all of you who shared your brand love stories for a chance to be the first to read and hopefully review!

We literally decided to pull the names out of a hat:

If you’re one of the randomly selected names in the video, shoot an email to marysusan@brainsonfire giving her your name and your address. We’ll bundle up your copy and sent it on its way!


  • disqus_vgVYci93vM

    That was too much fun! Love you guys, too! Go Parson’s Produce!

    • KatieScully

      Thanks for sharing the love, “Disqus friend” :-)

  • hannah a.

    Wooooooooo! Sooooooooo stinkin’ excited.

    • KatieScully

      Congrats, Hannah!

  • Jamie Wallace

    Such an adorable video. Love it! :)

    • KatieScully

      Thanks Jamie! :-)