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Put yourself in another person’s shoes

This was part of an awesome scribe gift to Geno Church from the PRSA team.

This was part of an awesome scribe gift to Geno Church from the PRSA team.

That’s what they say, don’t they? “Put yourself in another person’s shoes.” Who are they, by the way? Whoever they are, they’ve got a point.

We as marketers, explorers, adventurers, need to do more than put ourselves in the shoes of others. We’d better grab a pair of socks, lace those puppies up, and go for a run! Run a mile in their shoes, don’t just walk!

Too often, we are the moderators. The developers. The provokers. How often do we forget to be the members?

I plugged myself in to a few twitter chats this week, sat in on a seminar, and managed my own social media for a change. I was the community member this time. I learned a lot. I was reminded of certain things. It was great!

Sometimes you need a reminder to take a step back to leap forward. Perspectives change, points of view differ, and you see the world from a different angle. Refresh!

I’m glad I spent some time just being myself, being a member of a community. It was a great reminder of why I go back time and time again. It’s easy to get caught up in the details of the day, but at the end of it all, we’re doing what we do to make a difference.

Don’t get stifled by the little things. Go big. Go for a run in someone else’s shoes.


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