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What Do You Do Every Day?

You can’t help but love the spirit in this photo. Kids dancing without inhibition is pure and awesome.

Recently I read this awesome book called The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. It is awesome and honest. And probably not what you are imagining.

The author notes how many great things are happening in her life but she isn’t doing her very best of being grateful. Things that may seem ordinary and common are extraordinary in hindsight; those moments scoot by without notice until it’s too late.

One remedy to the author’s perceived dilemma is to make a monthly resolution. It’s focused. It’s clean. It’s a challenge.

What do you do every day that makes you smile? Or perhaps it makes you think. Or perhaps it’s something that you’d rather sweep under the rug. What do those (sometimes) monotonous, ordinary, habitual actions say about how we live? How do they make us feel?

Why do we do them? Are they helping or hurting us?

I challenge you to make a resolution that matters – one that will improve your life, your work, or perhaps your sleep. Sometimes big life changes are necessary, but every day determination really IS remembering what you want. Baby steps… day by day… however you want to phrase it. Small things matter.

What’s your every day challenge? Fill me in!


  • Jason Williams

    I am in the middle of this book right now, excellent stuff! Thanks for another great reminder. These kids are living out “Act the way I want to feel”

    • KatieScully

      Awesome, Jason! So glad you’re reading it. Cynics, move along, it’s totally awesome, right?!

      Sing in the morning really got me – mostly because I’d like to live my life in a musical.

      I want to read again and start my own project. Thanks much for sharing your comment! Happy Friday, ks

  • Scott Anderson

    I have become a big fan of Gretchen Rubin through her Influencer posts on LinkedIn. She had great advice on her blog yesterday: If you can’t find something, clean up! I’ve been saying I am going to order the book. Sounds like it’s time to stop saying and start doing!

    • KatieScully

      Hey Scott, thanks for sharing. She is incredible, isn’t she? It’s really the small things that make a big difference… when those small things are happening every single day. I grabbed my copy from the library but am thinking of making the purchase for my own copy – I want to underline and dog-ear the pages with all her reminders. -ks