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The Passion Conversation Doodles

Speaking of doodles, check out this awesome piece of work from @gapingvoid. Passion Ignites. Ain’t it the truth?!

We asked for your inspired doodles and our faces hurt from smiling. Thank you for sharing!

AND THE WINNER IS… drum roll please


@HUGHWEBER‘S “Bet on good people doing good things” doodle! (He’s quoting John Gardner, by the way). Congrats, Hugh! Geno’s doodles are heading your way…

Special shout-outs to @marquindesigns, @andieingv, @araceodyssey, @atlrun, @jasonmoughon, @oberbecca, @sweet_grass_dairy, and @vammirato for sharing your art on instagram. It sure was close according to our Survey Monkey results (it was a very official BOF voting process).

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  • Hugh Weber

    Thanks so much! What an incredible gift for one of my favorite groups of people!

    Keep spreading the love!


    • KatieScully

      So pumped for you!

  • Robbin Phillips

    Can’t wait to see what you think about the book, Hugh! Let us know!

  • Scott Anderson

    Congratulations, Hugh! Great job!

    • KatieScully

      WOOHOO for Hugh! Thanks for sharing the love, Scott! xo