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The Founders’ Story

Thanks for the awesome image, Libby Williams!

Back in the day, Robbin planned a surprise visit to see Brains on Fire founder, Mike Goot. She hand delivered the very first Brains on Fire book to Mike – the one, the only. She also recorded their visit.

Perhaps you’re the founder, the leader of the pack. (vroom vroom) You might be a team member, a part of a company that has been around for years and years. Either way, you’ve got roots.

Tell us about your company’s history. It may take some serious digging, but it’s worth it.
Why did the founders of your company, or you, start your organization? What kinds of seeds were planted in the very beginning? Where are you now?

Here’s the deal: Tell us about your company’s roots and you could have the opportunity to meet some of our founders. Share your story on the blog and we’ll choose one commenter to meet some of the Brains on Fire founders. Consider it a date! (Well, sorta.) If you live around Greenville, we’ll invite you to come over for coffee and conversation. If you live elsewhere, we’ll setup a video chat and talk shop over coffee.

So share your story. We’re waiting for ya!


  • Rob Morris

    It was through our Founders’ story that a love affair was sparked between our organization and the pirates of passion known as Brains on Fire. And for that I will be forever grateful. That Founders’ story can be found here:

    • KatieScully

      Rob, thank you for sharing – we couldn’t be happier to have been a part of creating your story. xo

    • Robbin Phillips

      I love this Rob. So many people ask me what happened to #146. She has changed so many lives. I’m sure she has to feel that love and energy in some way. OX

  • I am swag.Hate that?

    I founded our movement as a knee jerk reaction against a boss who couldn’t afford to pay me. adding insult to injury, his lack of creativity, passion, curiosity,and professionalism spurred my path down the rabbit hole to be an exact opposite of him, his practice, and the myriad #kooziemongercorporateassclowndouchecanoecatalogcarpetbombinggladhandhashtagjackingcreepystalkersweatervestguys who infest my field. I didn’t wanna do it, but their rampant malpractice finally made me snap.
    Wish I never saw the sausage being made, then I could sleep at night. Now that I have, I don’t sleep. I can only dream up capers for our tribe. To strike a blow against their vile spew.

    • KatieScully

      You rock! Way to take a hold of something and make it yours. Fill the void!

  • KatieScully

    Think this goes without saying, but Rob and Kamran, you have an open-always-welcome-invitation to the Firesphere. xo