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Three Holiday Gift Ideas Under $30

So. What can you get that special business person in your life that will make their heart smile?

We’ve got a few niffy ideas this morning:

 1.     How about a Double Shot of Love? Buy that special someone on your list a bundled set of Brains on Fire (our first book) and our newly released The Passion Conversation. (See photo above.)  If you order it from 800CEORead in the next few weeks, we’ll sweeten the $29.97 deal by having them include a custom designed moleskin with each set they ship.

Hurry, supplies are limited. (I’ve always want to say that.) And oh, even though this photo makes it look crazy big, actual moleskin size is 5×3.5 inches with blank white sheets inside. Very pocket friendly. 


2.     Speaking of Love. How about a donation to Love146: Want to give a gift that will have a positive impact on the world? Support our friends at Love146 while checking some names off your list. It’s a powerful and meaningful way to send love this season.

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 1.23.13 PM

 3.    Give the gift of an experience.  Who needs more stuff?  We’ve had a great time doing work for our own town this past year. And in the process of helping build community and advocacy in Greenville we’ve made some great new discoveries. Check out #yeahTHATgreenville on twitter and   Why not explore your own neck of the woods and come up with a cool afternoon bike ride or hike to “give” a friend or your associates? Or maybe a trip for lunch to an off the beaten path restaurant. Exploring is really good for the soul. Chatskis not so much.

Photo of Campell’s Covered Bridge. The last covered bridge in South Carolina.

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 1.28.36 PM


Chime in. Have you got any good ideas for gifts this year?


  • Nametag Scott

    Is that the bridge from Beetlejuice?

    • Robbin Phillips

      Hey now ;-)

  • Scott Anderson

    I already have both books (and I LOVE them!). But I want one of those custom moleskins. Guess I’ll be giving some books this Christmas!

    • Robbin Phillips

      Well. How about sending me that in a little email with your address and I will see what we can do!

  • Christi

    OK, maybe it’s not technically a gift, but one great thing you can give your coworkers is the gift of time. All of us at Humanergy are passionate about making people’s work lives better. Anyone can do it! Ask a coworker how you can help them make progress on a difficult task or offer to being a sounding board for their dreams and aspirations. The gift of time enriches the giver and receiver!

    • Robbin Phillips

      Love this idea Christi!

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