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Emotional Triggers + The Power Awe

If you’ve read our book The Passion Conversation, you know that emotion is a mighty thing. Brands that invoke strong emotional feelings are more likely to be talked about. And while joy, disgust, outrage and amusement are all worthy triggers, it’s the rarest (and perhaps most wonderful) of them all that really does it for me: awe.

Awe is magic that can stop time and jumpstart hearts. If only for a second, it helps us believe. It brings us closer to each other — and the world around us.

The Belgian charity the Mimi Foundation told 20 cancer patients they would give them makeovers. All that was required of them was to keep their eyes closed to make the reveal more exciting. The patients expected that when they opened their eyes, they would look beautiful — but they got something else completely.

“[The makeover] allowed them to forget their disease, if only for a second,” according to the campaign’s press release. Within a second, smiling faces were seen all over the room. At that very moment, cancer did not exist for the family members either.” [source]

Let yourself be awed.


  • Justin

    This is awesome. I got chills watching this.

  • Katja

    Awesome! I didn’t even know about this and I live in Belgium…Amazing idea!! :o)