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Kindness is Underrated.

Novak Djokovic seems to have fun at work.

The other day someone shared this little video with me.

It’s so worth the minute and 47 seconds to watch it.

There are so many simple lessons from this short clip for organizations and individuals.

Here’s a few that come to my mind:

1. Kindness is a reward for everyone involved.
2. It’s not hard to be kind.
3. Surprising and delighting with kindness leads to life long admiration. (Don’t you bet that young man is still sharing this story?)
4. You can have fun with work. Even if millions of dollars are at stake.

What lessons do you see?

Happy Thursday. Be kind out there. It matters.

  • brianhoney

    Hm.. who was he playing against?

  • Despina Yeargin


  • jo

    Lesson: You can tell when it’s genuine.

  • Jamie Wallace

    Loved the video. It made me smile.
    It also made me think how odd it is that people are so unused to seeing simple acts of kindness that this athlete’s actions warranted an extended period of applause.

    • Bob Stein

      Also odd in a good way, that such tiny acts can earn so much attention.
      Hero appreciation is a finely tuned, and universal organ.