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Follow Your Procrastination: A Bittersweet Farewell from Eric Dodds

I’ll get the news out of the way quick like a bandaid: my incredible journey as a pirate in the Brains on Fire crew will be coming to a bittersweet end this month. Today I want to tell you two things: first, the story of where I’m going and why. Second, why I am forever […]

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The Motivation of Popularity

I wonder how many people live under the weight of their oppressive personal inboxes. Work provides enough email to deal with in one day, and ‘going home’ to another mountain of messages creates digital exhaustion, at least for me. The truth is, though, I do it to myself. I can’t count the number of online […]

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When Things go Wrong

My dad has a good friend who is a veterinarian. He once told a story about something his assistant said during a standard neutering job on an animal: I’ve seen you perform that operation hundreds of times. I know it backwards and forwards. I’m positive I could perform it by myself. The doctor understood that […]

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Don’t Forget the Basics

For the last year my client work has been overwhelmingly digital. Aside from occasional on-site meetings, my day-to-day has consisted of creating content for the web and fostering online community.The content and communities have an offline end in strategy, but my role has been primarily in the digital startup phase. Over the next few months, […]

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