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Lesson 11: “Are your palms sweaty?”

Over the last ten years, I’ve had the privilege of talking to people in a lot of different kinds of organizations – from global consumer products companies to leading academic institutions, from c-suite executives to the long-tenured “keepers of the culture”, from marketing directors to plant foremen. I’ve asked about purpose, vision and guiding principles. […]

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Brains on Fire’s Net Promoter Score – and a Thank You

Last month we reached out to all our clients, partners and friends to ask you all the ultimate question – would you recommend us and why or why not? Why that question? Well, because we – like Fred Reichheld and the crowd at Satmetrix – believe in the power of word of mouth to propel […]

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Finding Inspiration

Today I don’t feel like talking about marketing. Or customers. Or community. No pithy statements or meaningful insights to offer. Motivation is a funny thing. Some people can will it to happen. Some people will spend their whole lives waiting for it to strike. Some people find it in a $ figure. Some people are […]

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That Blasted Survey Again?

Time to wrap up our Net Promoter survey for 2009. If we have had the good fortune to work with you or for you recently, and you haven’t had a chance to give us your feedback, we’d love for you to take 3 minutes to tell us whether you’d recommend us and why you would […]

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