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State of Fear

When was the last time you were scared about something? I mean really scared. For me, there is always something that I am scared of, and yesterday I conquered one of those fears. Monday is my favorite day of the week at Brains on Fire for several reasons, but my most favorite reason happens at […]

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The Art of Caring

The other weekend I went to see Amour, an Austrian film nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards (this is the first foreign film to ever be nominated in this category). This film is about an elderly couple that is struck with tragedy when the wife has a stroke and becomes paralyzed on her […]

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Last weekend I made a trip to the mountains of North Carolina, and much to my surprise I enjoyed some snow while there. We rarely see a ‘good’ snow down here anymore, so when it happens, it’s a delightful gift. What I found so refreshing about the snow is how still and quiet the world […]

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