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“This Internet Thing is Wild”

Quick hits for a blustery Wednesday morning: YouTube sensation (and subject of previous blog post) Tay Zonday has leveraged his Chocolate Rain fame into a deal with Dr. Pepper. and their new specialty (limited time?) beverage ‘Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr. Pepper’. His new video, Cherry Chocolate Rain is a high production send-up of the extremely […]

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Like Fame, Word of Mouth Costs

As I was reading Tuesday’s Online Spin review of a review of PQ Media’s Word of Mouth Marketing forecast, I was reminded of Debbie Allen’s words in the opening credits of Fame. But before I give you the link to a video of that 80’s gem (what did we do before YouTube?), I’d like to […]

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Why are Bright Side of Life-ers More Likely to Recommend?

I am starting to hear more consistently that those who make word of mouth recommendations are far more likely to be optimistic people. According to Forrester’s 2006 NACTAS Benchmark study, 60% of the population share recommendations. Of that group of talkers, 90% “always tried to make the best of every situation” compared to 50% of […]

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ABA (Always Be Awesome)

Over the last week, a few of your Brains bloggers have had brushes with various levels of musical fame. In chronological order: DFW airport, Friday, Nov 9 – I had the pleasure of recognizing Darryl McDaniels (aka DMC of Run-DMC) as we crossed paths in the airport at 7am. My husband turned to me and […]

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