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New Service from Brains on Fire

I took this photo from our parking lot one afternoon. We miss a lot if we forget to look up! We’ve added a few new services at Brains on Fire. And we’re having a lot of fun with one we’re calling:  Gut Check My Thinking  Here’s how it works: Feeling uncertain about the marketing programs […]

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Hessian – Brand For Sale

So I saw this little nugget pop up early last week, and my first reaction was… that’s cool. Then when I started really thinking about it, I completely shifted gears. Hessian is a brand for sale–that is, a brand that represents no business or product. The designer, Ben Pieratt, hopes to sell the Hessian brand […]

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It’s Friday. Anybody out there?

Here is another photo from my friend libby williams. I love the way kids play. Those of us that work need to play more. Just thought it was a nice reminder for a summertime Friday. What a great week. Geno and I traveled to one of the happiest places on the planet and met with […]

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Consumer Generated Names

Now you can name Pontiac’s new sport truck. (It looks like a newer version of the El Camino to me.) Pontiac is jumping on the user generated content bandwagon and has created a mini-site where folks can suggest names for this ‘bad boy.’ (Their words, not mine.) What do you get in return? Well, bragging […]

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