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Steely Dan Cassettes, iPads, and YouTube, Oh My!

We have a great habit of speaking from the heart on this blog, and it’s actually quite freeing. There’s no pressure to create lists of new media tips to drive traffic or to mention the latest trends – Robbin wants us to digest the world around us and write honestly about what we see. And […]

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And the winners are – all of you.

That’s Elizabeth. She’s not reading the real book. We don’t have those yet. So. You are all getting a book. It’s a galley, so it’s not a hard back. But that makes it even more special in my opinion. Yup. Every. Single. One of you. That’s right. Everyone who took time out of their day […]

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Finding your company’s soul mates.

That’s me in Auckland last summer, dreaming that boat behind me was mine. Warning: This might seem a bit self serving but I love, love this world of ours and had to share this exchange. Stuff like this happens at Brains on Fire all the time. Amazes me. Every. Single. Time. A friend of mine […]

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Honesty is the best policy, especially for change (the token Facebook post that addresses a bigger issue)

If you’re a techy, social-media-interested, mobile-device-and-industry-loving type, the last several months have been an infofeast. And I’m sure you’ve been gorging yourself with tasty news-breaks and weekly statements from industry titans. One such hot topic has been privacy policy changes from your favorite social media monster, Facebook, and its fearless captain, Mark Zuckerberg. If you’re […]

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